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  • Kingston Songs Digita will deliver your content worldwide to the major online stores and digital services. There are no fees for encoding, uploading and delivering your music (any costs of video encoding will be charged at cost and will be pre-approved by you). We work solely on a 25% share of revenue. Our thirty day rolling term gives you the flexibility and freedom to control your digital business. The business of music is an ever changing industry, and we recognise that artistic and financial freedom are cornerstones of this evolution. Kingston Songs Digita services include:

    • Worldwide delivery to more than 200 digital stores and services, from iTunes to Amazon, Spotify to Google Play, Beats to Pandora, Rdio to Deezer, Beatport to Tidal and Shazam to Millward Brown
    • Fast turnaround from content upload to delivery to the stores ( Kingston Songs Digita has “Direct Live” status with iTunes which means that deliveries are made live in iTunes almost instantly)
    • Detailed and transparent monthly sales reporting and accounting, that clearly shows all downloads and streams broken down by product/track and retailer
    • Our retail sales team works with our digital retail partners to obtain store promotions, editorial coverage and high profile placement in the stores for Kingston Songs Digita releases

    We will account to you monthly, within 45 days of the end of the calendar month. We deduct our 25% share of revenue and send you the balance by bank transfer or Paypal.

    Many digital retailers and services are responsible for paying songwriters’ mechanicals and other publishing payments to the collection societies and publishers who represent the songwriters but some are not. There are also variations by territory and by type of service. We will advise you on your accounting statements if the songwriters’ mechanicals or any other publishing payments have been paid by the digital retailer or service. If they have not been, then the songwriters’ mechanicals and any other applicable publishing payments are your responsibility. Please check your statements.

    Please give us as much information as possible, including a link to your music. It is a mandatory requirement that we hear your music if your application is to be considered.

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